Deposit and Cancelation Policies


Bookings of 4 nights, or less, require payment-in-full at the time of booking. 

Bookings of 7 nights or more require 50% deposit at the time of booking

We currently accept payments and deposits in one of two ways:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer to (auto-deposit enabled, no password required)
  • Credit Card information can be texted (not emailed under any circumstances) to 780-618-6379. Once the credit card is successfully processed the text info is permanently deleted
  • Credit Card payment made through our website upon booking confirmation



We require 120 days notice from the actual booking date for you to qualify for a total deposit refund, less a $150 administration fee and on very rare occasions the Credit Card commissions that the resort might be required to pay.

I ask three questions of myself when faced with a cancelation request:

  1. was the timing of the notice according to our published policy or, at least, reasonable?
  2. if not, did I suffer REAL financial harm from the cancelation (turned down other parties competing for/seeking the same booking)
  3. was the cancelation necessitated by external events?  Wildfire, flood, road conditions, pandemics…


We don’t want your deposit;  we want your business!!!

If you NEED to cancel as a result of unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances we will probably offer to hold your deposit for a full calendar year.  

Unfortunately, all other cancelations will result in forfeiture of the deposit monies.


We encourage all of our valued guests to give serious consideration to the certainty of their booking before doing so.  We are not unfeeling or greedy and we will do our level-best for you in the event you have to cancel….


                             “Life is what happens when you’re making plans”

                                                                                                               …John Lennon


*The resort retains the ability to cancel any booking.  It is an unfortunate and very real aspect of operating a semi-remote facility and we do our absolute best to avoid those situations