Policies and Considerations





Individual BBQs

Every cabin is equipped with a medium-sized (4 average steaks) BBQ and a full propane tank.  If your propane tank goes empty replacement tanks are available at the office.

Our guests are expected to leave the BBQ in the same clean condition that you found it.  The supplied BBQ tools should be cleaned and restored under the BBQ

Aluminum foil and BBQ pans are both supplied and available at the C-Store

The BBQ propane tank is not intended to fuel Guest-supplied appliances such as portable propane firepits, etc.  Guests are encouraged to bring their own tanks, if applicable.  Tanks can be purchased at the C-Store.

Every cabin has a Fire Extinguisher on the deck


Group/Large-Format BBQs and Griddles

Large-format BBQ grills and a Flat Griddle are provided for Individual/Group use

The propane BBQ’s and Griddle come with supplied propane. We ask our guests to be practical and considerate when using the Large-Format propane appliances and consider the relatively high cost of propane when using them.  All appliances are required to be kept clean after each use. 

The pellet BBQ is fueled by wood pellets available for purchase at the C-Store.  On check-in day the pellet hopper will be full and is expected to be in full condition on checkout day.  Pellets are sold in 1Liter Ziploc bags on a cost-recovery (no mark-up) basis and currently priced at $5.00/bag and typically last a couple of hours at high temperature burning.

We keep 3 complete sets of BBQ tools/implements and large-size aluminum foil in the BBQ area. 


Swimming Pool and Pool Deck Area

Umbrellas are provided for guest use and comfort.  We ask that common courtesy is employed between various guest groups.  Please collapse and secure all umbrellas in the event you are the last person/group up at the end of the day.


Drinking Vessels

Plastic drinking vessels are available in the store for use in the pool area.



We ask that all guests collect and properly dispose of their empties.  Recyclable bottles can be placed in the recycle containers in the BBQ Shelter, on the boardwalk or in any one of the recycle bins around the resort.

A very substantial number of the Shuswap Resorts require guests to take their empties with them.  We have avoided that type of policy, so far at least, by making arrangements with a Chase School’s sports team to pickup the empties and return them.  We donate the proceeds to that particular team.  We thank you for your valued cooperation.



Trash barrels are emptied/cleaned everyday of the operating season.  This is as a courtesy and practical necessity, both. 

The collection routine includes the following considerations:  Guests are expected to keep their daily trash in their cabins overnight and ensuring it is put in the outdoor trash barrels before 10:00 the next morning and awaiting pickup. PLEASE, no diapers!  Diapers need to be properly bagged and identified as they require special handling and disposal.  This is most easily accomplished by placing the diaper bags outside of, and next to, the outside trash barrels.


Pool Toys

Toys are expected to be kept in, or near, the guest cabins and keeping the pool deck clear of toys and clutter.


Pool Chemicals and Pool Shed

The pool chemicals are kept in the pool pump shed. There is no possible reason for guests to enter the Pool Shed.


Fuel Sales

Fuel sales are only at the dock.  We sell MARKED BOAT FUEL, ONLY. Guests or customers wishing to fill a Gerry can will have to substantiate the end use for the marked fuel and compliant with BC Fuel regulations.

We carry a small stock of the common oils in the C-Store

#20 propane tanks and the small green propane bottles can be purchased at the C-Store.


Environmental Considerations

The resort owner is the closest thing to an environmental fanatic.  We go to substantial efforts to protect and maintain our crystal-clear waters and fish stocks.

Everyone filling their boat up is required to use a “diaper”, “Hydrocarbon Hankie”, or properly called an absorbent cloth.  This requirement and practice virtually eliminates fuel spills into the lake.  The appropriately-sized Diapers are contained in a plastic bin on the dock, and next to, the fuel nozzle bracket.


Spill kit

There is a fully operational large Yellow Spill Kit located on the dock


Due to the local Forest Fires, The Point Resort is, and will remain OPERATIONALLY CLOSED  TO AUGUST 15TH at which time we will be providing daily updates.

Click here to proceed to our website and we encourage everyone to read and review our Cancellation Policy

Between now and August 16th we will be reaching out to up-and-coming guest reservations, September bookings, and all persons that were previously effected by this tragedy.  We plead with everyone to be patient with me.  I’m doing my level-best to personally reach out to each and everyone of you.

I sincerely thank everyone for their patience and forbearance 


Rick Wesolwski,