Is the Point open year-round?

The Point is a 3-season resort typically opening the May long weekend and closing after Thanksgiving.

Low season opening and closing decisions are entirely weather dependent.  We have opened as early as Easter and closed as late as first week in November.

Check on the website and Social Media often for updates.

Do all bookings have to be made through the website?

Yes, and without exception.  Once you’ve submitted a booking request, complete with an email address you will be contacted to fulfil the deposit requirements

Can you be reached by phone?

The resort has a phone for EMERGENCY use, only.  All other enquiries via email, only.

How do you define Peak/Shoulder/Low Season?

Low season starts May Long, Shoulder Season starts June 15th, Peak Season starts July 1.

Conversely Fall Shoulder Season Starts September1st, Low season starts September 15th and ends closing Date (Weather dependent but typically on or around Thanksgiving Weekend).

Do you only book by the week?

Peak Season bookings…

Just about without exception, peak season bookings are by the week, only, and always run Sunday to Sunday.  That said, we encourage all interested parties to submit a Booking request on the chances their preferred time and duration might be available as a result of a cancellations or some other factor.  Bookings are provided with a confirmation number and receipt upon a 50% refundable* deposit.

Shoulder/Low season bookings…

Bookings in low and shoulder seasons require a MINIMUM 3 night stay and require full payment in advance.   Taxes become due and payable at check-in.*


What is the maximum Cabin occupancy?

All cabins come with sufficient bed space for 4 persons.  Little people younger than 6yrs are not included in the cabin count.  Families can increase the person-count to a maximum of 6 persons by paying a surcharge of $35/person/night

How many persons can the resort accommodate?

Based on maximum cabin capacity, 44 persons.  If you need more than that we can practically accommodate as many as 66.  Warning – the cabins will be “cramped”  But if your group intends to spend the majority of their time outdoors it is totally practical.

Where do we park?

All of the cabins come with one parking spot in very close proximity to your cabin.  The resort provides only one parking spot per cabin.  Guests that choose, or need to, bring more than one vehicle will have to park the extra vehicles in the common area a few steps away and up top.  Boats and boat trailers are not allowed in or down the driveway, please.

Do you provide Booking Confirmation Numbers/Receipts?

Yes.  When your deposit is processed you will receive a Booking Number, Deposit Receipt and Balance Owing Statement.  It will also remind you of Cancellation Dates/deadlines, if applicable.*

Do you allow RVs or Trailers?

Typically “No”.  Exceptions are sometimes made if the party is renting the entire resort.  In that case a $150/night fee applies and includes 110Volt AC power but not water and sewer.  The resort has room for two medium-sized RVs (<36 Feet) on the upper level of the resort.

Do you offer WiFi?

Yes.  As of this coming spring there will be RESORT-WIDE high- speed internet access.  It is reliable and seamless and will provide unlimited, high-speed video streaming.

Do you offer Satellite TV?

The satellite TV has been replaced by video streaming and Roku.  It remains a possibility that several of the cabins will be equipped with Satellite TV sometime in the future and dependent on guest feedback. Guests are asked to bring the video streaming account. information

Are pets allowed?

Pets are permitted on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the Pet Policy webpage

*please refer to check-in webpage for a full explanation of deposit/cancellation policy and procedures


Due to the local Forest Fires, The Point Resort is, and will remain OPERATIONALLY CLOSED  TO AUGUST 15TH at which time we will be providing daily updates.

Click here to proceed to our website and we encourage everyone to read and review our Cancellation Policy

Between now and August 16th we will be reaching out to up-and-coming guest reservations, September bookings, and all persons that were previously effected by this tragedy.  We plead with everyone to be patient with me.  I’m doing my level-best to personally reach out to each and everyone of you.

I sincerely thank everyone for their patience and forbearance 


Rick Wesolwski,