”Gorgeous. Friendly people. Wildlife abound. Enough saidNice cabins lots of space for activities and a great position on the lake”


” Loved this place going up but we never came back cause we hated Lorraine. Our whole family did. If she is gone we will all come back. Let us know!”

Earle Boinkins

”Absolutely delighted with everything! The new owner is gracious and doing amazing things with an already fantastic piece of paradise!”

Carmen Michant

”Our first trip there was this August and I would write a book on why this place is amazing. The cabins are rustic and well taken care of, the pool was clean and warm to go into. But what is the best part is the owners and their family that we got the honour to get to know. It is because of the owners we will be booking our trip for next year right away. To sit and chat with the, hear stories of years past and be given great tips and maps on the best place’s to go and see. No one else does that. Looking forward to making this a yearly trip.”

Patty Mcculloch

”My mom & dad held there wedding here! The best resort I’ve been too. Its not your high class ‘bouji’ resort but in a way it is its own classy resort. It is family owned and ruined and they’re so friendly, down to earth and loving. They’ve kept the feel of the resort warm, and very welcomed. Tons of stuff to keep you busy or just relaxing on the sandy beach or even the dock. This is a must stay at or inquire about holding your wedding here! 5++ stars”

kai rosè

”My family and I have been coming here for over 20 years! It is an annual tradition for us to come up for a couple of weeks in August. I can’t think of a better place to go for a rustic/fun week with friends or family. Cabins are always clean, all the appliances work great. The new double beds are very comfy. Janice and Greg have put a lot of work into the property over the last few years and have done a great job. The star of the show is the lake. It is a beautiful, clean, and largely uninhabited lake. There is nothing better than taking a boat ride up the lake to see and stop at countless beaches on its 45 mile length. The lake is just as nice at the cabins though. There is a large dedicated swimming area that keeps boats out, and the lake gets plenty deep. There is basically no weeds (milfoil) too. We’ve heard fishing is great at the lake, but not something we have ever tried. All in all, going to Indian Point is the highlight of our year, we recommend giving it a try!”

Connor Creighton

“Gorgeous. Friendly people. Wildlife abound. Enough said”

Joana Oprea

”This place is incredibly beautiful…so quiet and out of the way yet so much to do if you choose to!”

Spencer Roberts