Adams Lake is 63 km long with excellent fishing at all points on the lake. The vast underwater structure and extremely deep drop-offs provide a rich habitat for the many varieties of trout that can be found in the lake. Additionally, the Adams River is popular for some world class fly fishing.

Some of the varieties of fish found in the lake are: Bull TroutRainbow TroutLake TroutCutthroat TroutBrook TroutLake Whitefish; and Dolly Varden.

There is a boat launch conveniently located at the ferry crossing.

Check with us for dock and boat mooring availability.

You can’t find better fishing in the interior:

  • Adams Lake
  • Momich Lake
  • Johnson Lake
  • East Barrière Lake
  • North Barrière Lake
  • Aylmer Lake
  • Niskonlith Lake
  • McGillivray Lake
  • Chum Lake
  • Philips Lake
  • Skimikin Lake
  • Fleming Lake
  • Harper Lake
  • Shuswap Lake