Deposit and Cancellation Policies


Bookings of 4 nights, or less, require payment-in-full at the confirmation of booking. 

Bookings of 7 nights or more require 50% deposit at the confirmation of booking

We currently accept payments and deposits in one of three ways:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer to (auto-deposit enabled, no password required)
  • Credit Card via booking confirmation link emailed after booking is placed and confirmed by the resort.
  • Credit Card information can be texted (not emailed under any circumstances) to 780-618-6379. Once the credit card is successfully processed the text info is permanently deleted


We require 120 days notice from the actual booking date for you to qualify for a total deposit refund, less a $150 administration fee and on very rare occasions the Credit Card commissions that the resort might be required to pay.

We don’t want your deposit;  we want your business!!!

If you NEED to cancel as a result of unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances we will probably offer to hold your deposit for a full calendar year.  

Unfortunately, all other cancelations will result in forfeiture of the deposit monies.

Pets – General Practices and Considerations

We use the term Generally for a reason.  We are a relatively small resort that relies on assistance and cooperation from our guests to keep everyone happy, comfortable and safe.  That is part of the reason for the limitation on dog size.  For example your Rottweiler, while he might be the gentlest most loving dog on the planet, might be perceived as intimidating, and as such, highly unlikely to be an approved guest.

  • Not everyone is a dog lover and that sometimes requires an extra effort from the “Managing Partner”. Generally, quiet times on the resort start at around 10:00PM and daytime activities begin around 8:00AM.  These times are not cast in stone, nor policed/enforced but, rather, general guidance and based on common courtesy and consideration for others.
  • Generally the resort has a 3 dog limit. That sometimes varies depending on the size and breed of our dog guests.  For example we have guests that visit us every summer that have 3 very small dogs.  For the sake of practicality we consider this one dog.
  • The maximum Dog-Guest size is <50lbs (22kg). We don’t weigh the dogs and we don’t quibble over a couple of pounds.
  • All dogs have to be fully and currently vaccinated. Please be prepared to provide proof of vaccination if requested.
  • It is an expectation that our guests will take their friends OFF resort property for their daily bowel functions. All guests are expected to carry Poo bags and pickup/dispose of the parcels in the appropriate waste can.  There is a clearly marked receptacle at the top of the driveway.
  • Poo bags are provided as a courtesy to our guests and are available free-of-charge at the main desk and around the resort.
  • Generally speaking dogs have to be on a leash at all times. Pretty tough to play fetch and watch your pal swim when they are on a leashl  When they are off of the leash please remain considerate and appropriate.
  • When possible and practical we prefer dogs to be crated on your cabin deck or in the cabin itself. Not a requirement but certainly a preference.

Generally guests choosing to bring a dog will occupy one of the Lakeview (upper) cabins.  These cabins are air conditioned in deference to (and safety and comfort of) our 4-legged friends.


Due to the local Forest Fires, The Point Resort is, and will remain OPERATIONALLY CLOSED  TO AUGUST 15TH at which time we will be providing daily updates.

Click here to proceed to our website and we encourage everyone to read and review our Cancellation Policy

Between now and August 16th we will be reaching out to up-and-coming guest reservations, September bookings, and all persons that were previously effected by this tragedy.  We plead with everyone to be patient with me.  I’m doing my level-best to personally reach out to each and everyone of you.

I sincerely thank everyone for their patience and forbearance 


Rick Wesolwski,